Credits available now in the Vicksburg District

Servicing portions of Hancock, Pearl River, Lamar, Marion, Pike, Lincoln, Lawrence, Jefferson Davis, Copiah, Simpson, Smith, Scott, Rankin, Hinds, Madison, Leake and Walthall Counties in Mississippi.


Wetlands Solutions is your most progressive and comprehensive solutions to balancing economic development with environmental integrity. A one-time credit purchase from one of our mitigation banks condenses years of permitting, design and construction down to one simple and instantaneous paper transaction that will satisfy all your mitigation needs.

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Mitigation made simple.

Expedites the permitting process by eliminating the time required for extensive mitigation plan scrutiny by regulatory agencies, and allows developers to quantify exact wetlands mitigation costs up front.

Provides functional wetlands replacement and sustainable environmental benefits in advance of proposed impacts, and ensures that mitigation will be maintained in perpetuity by mitigation and conservation experts.

Optimizes the use of your site for potential development while promoting significant, large-scale wetlands restoration and transfers your mitigation liability to our environmental professionals for perpetual maintenance and monitoring.